Elizabeth (Liz) Kaziunas: I'm a doctoral candidate at the University of Michigan's School of Information. I research and design systems for supporting personal health and wellness across clinical and community settings. Drawing on interpretivist methods to conduct in-depth fieldwork, participatory approaches to design, and theory from science and technology studies (STS), I investigate a wide range of sociotechnical factors that impact health management. I am particularly interested in the practices and politics of ‘care’ in the age of health datafication, including types of information and machine work, emotional labor, and new forms of expertise needed to live with algorithmic models of medicine.

My thesis, advised by Mark Ackerman, explores everyday experiences of people managing chronic illness and articulates a design space of “lived health”—how to use technology to support people's  health and wellness activities in diverse social worlds. My interests span the fields of computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW), human-computer interaction (HCI), and health informatics. At Michigan, I'm a member of the SocialWorlds research group, MISC (Michigan Interactive Social Computing), and a former Open Data Research Fellow.